Wardrobe & Uniforms

The Hamilton District Christian High School dress code has been constructed in order to help the school meet its mission. A student dress code gives the student an immediate sense of belonging while enhancing the image of the school in the community.

The dress code policy is in effect from 9:00 am – 3:00 pm, including lunch and spares. Students are expected to observe all aspects of the dress code for all school days and school-related activities unless alternate standards have been approved by the administration.

All tops must be ordered from our supplier, either through their website or their Hamilton store. Bottoms—pants, shorts, or capris—may be ordered from McCarthy or purchased elsewhere; plain khaki or navy pants, shorts or capris must fulfill the requirements laid out in the HDCH wardrobe dress code.

We hold wardrobe resales regularly through the school year, during August registration and at both Membership Meetings. If you have McCarthy’s items you’d like to sell, please bring them freshly laundered to the school office. Call the office if you have any questions. 905.648.6655.

Student Wardrobe Dress Code
Hamilton District Christian High has a standard school wardrobe in order to promote a sense of school identity and community, foster an atmosphere of learning and a more inclusive environment, and to encourage modest clothing that reflects a Christian lifestyle.

All shirts and sweaters must be from McCarthy’s, our wardrobe supplier. T-shirts layered under the McCarthy’s shirts should be crew style, plain cotton, solid colour, and sit at or just below the neck.

Pants, shorts and capris can be purchased from McCarthy’s or another store, provided they meet the colour, style and fabric specifications. Pants must be flat-front or pleated casual dress pants (Docker-style), solid navy or beige/tan in colour, and in cotton or cotton/poly fabric that is not denim. Pants should be relaxed fit (neither too loose nor too tight), sit at or just below the waist, and have simple, plain embellishments. Shorts must be knee-length or just above the knee.

We ask that clothing is worn as designed, i.e. shirts should not be tied back nor pants rolled up and shirts buttoned for modesty. Wardrobe items must be clean, the proper size, and in good repair. Shoes must be worn at all times. And course-related clothing (e.g. for PE or shop) will be worn during those courses only.

There are occasional special dress days. Criteria for these days will be in the announcements before the date. Expectations for fit, lifestyle, and modesty will apply.