• Braden, Grade 10 Student

    I really enjoyed my placement at VanderMolen Farms. I got to continue working at my summer job for another week and that I got to look more into the business of dairy farming.

  • Griffin,

    I did my placement at Ross & Mcbride, LLP which is a law firm downtown. I got to see what life in a law firm is really like. It's NOT how it looks on TV. I also experienced a day in court.

  • Chelsea, Grade 11

    I had the privilege of doing my placement at Westmount Terrace Retirement Residence. While I was there I learned how important it is to build community between the seniors and the workers. While experiencing this sense of community, I soon came to realize that working with seniors is something that I wish to pursue further.

  • Madeleine, Grade 11

    I did my placement at the World Renew Burlington offices. While I was there I got to experience a bit of life around the offices and learning more about what World Renew does. I also had the opportunity to write an article which will be published on the World Renew's website.

  • Laura, Grade 12 Student

    I’ve learned so much and have gotten great hands-on experience. Whether you know exactly what you want to do after high school, or are completely unsure, co-op is so helpful to confirm your career choice. Through co-op you will learn so much more about a career than just looking it up online. Co-op allows you to interact with experts in an authentic work environment and gives you the opportunity to enhance skills and learn new things.

  • Jaden,

    I did my placement at Waterdown Village Chiropractic Group. I got to experience the inner workings of a medical practice and all of the things needed to run it successfully.

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