How Venture & Coop Work

Planning for Post-Secondary Success

VEN_Circle5Through a flexible timetable that supports both independent and shared learning experiences, Hamilton District Christian High Venture students engage in learning designed to develop critical problem-solving capabilities and the academic skills required for success in their post-secondary lives.

The diverse student interests at HDCH represent a microcosm of our community, so field trips and guest speakers are student-driven, based on individual aspirations and potential career directions.

Business and Non-profit Opportunities
The program is designed to incorporate both business and non-profit career opportunities and also looks at how these two areas are closely connected. Many for profit businesses contribute very significantly to charitable and community based causes, and many charitable groups we connected with embody excellent business practices and financial management strategies to accomplish their goals.

The Program

The program is organized around a 3-year progression of courses which integrate on-campus learning with community field trips, placements and mentorships. Instruction will integrate learning expectations with experiences in a variety of venues which will challenge students to consider how possible career opportunities could be places to serve God, and benefit others and their communities.

Grade 10 Program

  • Completing a 2-credit, year-long block course which integrates career exploration and leadership capacity.
  • Developing a variety of projects designed to enhance skills in communication, collaboration, employability and leadership.
  • Connecting with / interviewing speakers and participating in off-site visits for exposure to a variety of professions and fields of work.
  • Planning/preparation of mentorship projects and a Workplace Learning Placement.

Grade 11 Program

  • Developing mentorship relationships with people in their field of interest through personal and/or electronic contact (e.g. resource for career information, coaching on career path specific projects).
  • Working in two short-term Workplace Learning Placements (WLP), for job shadowing and short-term projects.

Grade 12 Program

  • Completing a two-credit or four-credit Cooperative Education placement (potentially at WLP site).
  • Mentoring a junior Venture student and completing post-secondary transition plans.
  • Completing a Reflection Portfolio that synthesizes the learning they have accomplished through the 3-year cycle (with support from a mentor.)

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