Book Club Celebrates 10 Years

Books hold a special place in society. Books inform us, comfort us, entertain us, open our minds, and enable us to travel to extraordinary places and worlds far different from our own. We can be spectators in the lives of others; the characters and situations can compel us to feel a myriad of emotions. How many times have you been so absorbed in a book that you just have to share your experience before you can move on to the next great read?

In the spring of 2008 seven Christian high school librarians met and drafted the blueprint for a Christian High School Book Club with the mission: to promote literacy; creating a collaborative space where students can come together to share their diverse reading experiences and express opinions and viewpoints in a fun, casual manner fostering friendships across the grades.

The Christian High School Book Club showcases at least eight current Canadian, young adult authors who offer exciting, quality reading for high school students. The club may also include a “classic” novel and another non-Canadian book of interest (fiction, nonfiction, graphic novel). Participants are encouraged to read the same ten books and vote for their favourite novel. Each of our participating schools has an opportunity to host The Final Word event which features an interactive presentation by one of the ten authors read that year.

Since our first year in 2009, our Book Club has read 100 titles and engaged with ten Canadian authors: Marsha Skrypuch, Eric Walters, Deborah Ellis, Sharon McKay, Allan Stratford, Teresa Toten, Sylvia McNicoll, Ted Staunton, Caroline Pignat and Kenneth Oppel.  In March we welcomed renowned Canadian author, Kenneth Oppel, to HDCH for The Final Word and our winning selection was the adult fiction novel, Amazing Grace by Lesley Crewe.

Reading, for our book club members, involves printed books (still preferred), e-readers, tablets/computers, and even phones. But no matter the format, the thrill of being transported into a story, and augmenting that experience by sharing it with others, ensure that our book club will continue to thrive for many more years to come.

Ingrid Scott
HDCH Librarian