Students Make Soup Mix

Students in Christians in Society volunteered at the Ontario Gleaners.
Students washed, cut and prepped potatoes, washed empty pails for soup mix to be distributed in and worked on the production line to make bags of dehydrated Ontario produce for soup mix or vegetable sauces. Being on the production line was a highlight for the students as the recipe incorporated so many delicious dried vegetables.
“It was rewarding to scoop these ingredients together and know we were serving 100 people with it!”
We were blessed by the vision, mission and results of the Ontario Gleaners globally.

Ontario Gleaners
The Gleaners provides missions and humanitarian aid organizations with a soup mix that is nutritious, versatile, and easily and inexpensively transported to areas of need.  Provided free – paid for by the love and participation of volunteers and the financial and in-kind gifts of faithful supporters.  Monday through Fridays, an average of 60 volunteers arrive ready to trim 4000-7000 pounds of donated fresh produce.  The produce is diced in our dicing machine and dried in our dehydration oven creating 25,000 – 30,000 servings of soup each day.  Throughout the year, weeks are set aside to mix and package the soup mix in 100 serving bags weighing approximately 3 pounds each.