30 Hour Fast for Famine

Hamilton District Christian High students commit to fasting for 30 hours to raise awareness and funds to support those who suffer from hunger daily in Africa.

Ninety-two students and three teachers had the choice to fast from food and/or technology for 30 hours which was definitely a tough challenge that gave each of us involved a glimpse of what so many people experience on a regular basis.globally.  In order to help those involved, the WATCH (Working at Teaching Children Hope) team planned a Distraction-Interaction Event at Hamilton District Christian High on the 26th after school.

Together participants enjoyed team games and fun challenges to help take their mind off food or electronics. Time was set aside for sharing testimonies, singing worship songs and

On the April 27th participants celebrated the end of the 30 hours with a wonderful feast of fresh fruit, vegetables, baking, and freshly made pizza.

Together the students involved have raised $4,350.00 for this cause which will be doubled by the United Nations!