Beach Volleyball @ HD

Making a Beach Volleyball Dream a Reality

Beach Volleyball MeasureIn the fall of 2016, the Grade 10 Venture class at Hamilton District Christian High was searching for their next project. The students did a lot of research and together with their teacher, Richard Van Egmond, came up with a few different options. But the most exciting option, according to the students, was a beach volleyball court.

Surveying the School

The class did a survey around the school and found that the wider student community also showed the most interest in a beach volleyball court option. The students believed it would be a benefit for both the school and for the greater community, as there are currently no beach volleyball facilities on Hamilton Mountain.

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The administration team was supportive of the proposal and encouraged the students to work out their next steps. The project was time-consuming, and also challenging: students had to figure out the costs, the court layouts, and also communicate with potential partners.

It was surprising that it is actually possible for a small class of teens to have such a big idea and make the project come to life.” ~ Tobin

Presenting to the Board

The Venture class did exceptional work in planning out the logistics of building a court. In the spring of 2017, they brought the project to HDCH’s Board of Directors. This kind of presentation was a new experience for the students. The Board officially approved going ahead with the building of the courts and committed to the project.

Community Partnership

In November, three local volleyball clubs met to talk about the need they saw for beach volleyball on the Hamilton Mountain. They agreed to join together and work with Hamilton District Christian High to make this dream a reality. HDCH would provide the facilities, and the clubs — who together formed the hub (HBVC) — would provide the people.

Breaking Ground

Over the past several months, much work has been done to keep the momentum going, and MDH Construction Services Ltd. will be breaking ground very soon. There will be four courts built according to high-quality specifications on the southwest part of our campus. Hutcheson Sand will be providing the same world-class quality sand they install at international-level professional beach court competitions. The courts should be ready to go by the middle of May. And according to the HBVC, there are already a large number of youth signed up to participate in the programs offered this summer.

This is a fantastic opportunity for youth in Hamilton to experience this growing sport of beach volleyball. We’re excited to share how Hamilton District Christian High’s Venture students have made it happen.


It (the court) will generate an income eventually, offer a new option for gym classes, bring others to our school community. As for the wider reach, we will be the only beach volleyball venue aside from Hamilton Beach that offers a good option for beach volleyball in Hamilton. We will meet the need that the community has.” ~ Sam

“It was challenging to stay with the project when things didn’t seem to be moving along.” ~ Sam

You have to work together to get things done quickly and effectively.” ~ Matt

“It’s important to be open to alternative ideas, even though it is not your original plan.” ~ Cohen

“How to present in front of the school board, and all the steps necessary involved in getting it done were some of the most valuable things I learned by being part of this project.” ~ Trevor

“It improved my skills of presenting when we had to present to the board.” ~ Ulric

“I was surprised that the plan was approved. As well, the speed with which it was completed and executed was really something to watch unfold.” ~ Sam

“It was surprising that it ran smoothly and all the teams did what was required of them effectively and quickly due to deadlines.” ~ Matt

“Teamwork is key, listen to feedback, and don’t lose sight of what you are trying to accomplish. Shoot for the moon.” ~ Tobin

“I’m surprised that it was so complicated. Most of the time, sand is just sand. And who knew you have to get so many permits and permissions to build a simple beach volleyball court.” ~ Nathan

“Great things take lots of time, but it’s worth it at the end.” ~ Michael

The most valuable thing I learned is perseverance. My ability to strive for a future goal was definitely strengthened through this opportunity.” ~ Sam