Beautiful Music in the Dominican Republic

On Thursday before March Break 2015, twelve choir members and two chaperones from Hamilton District Christian High departed Toronto for the Dominican Republic. During their week-long stay, our group partnered with high school students from Emanuel Christian School in preparation for an outreach concert for the wider community surrounding the school.

Broken up by trips to the beautiful Dominican beach, the market, and visits to a number of Christian schools, the combined Dominican and HDCH group practiced their musical pieces with determination, culminating in a wonderfully inspiring performance on a balmy March night.

Our students developed amazing relationships with their Dominican friends, using dance and song to overcome any language barrier. This group will be forever changed by the partnerships they discovered during a single week in the Dominican Republic.

Postcards from the Dominican

Each day gets progressively better. It’s been such a great experience getting to learn, bond and perform every day.”  – Heather

“Throughout the trip, I began to understand music more in the way that they do, and it changed things for me. When we stopped trying to make our music perfect and started doing it as praise to our amazing Father, we couldn’t help but have that overflowing passion coming out of our music. Crying, laughing, and dancing together over songs brought us together as a group, and helped us to realize that music should be personal and meaningful, rather than just notes on a page.”  – Jacoba

“All throughout the trip, God kept making himself apparent to us, showing us that even though life gets hard and we might not understand why, his love is still there for us, and we can still find joy and comfort even in the midst of brokenness.” – Heather

“One thing that really stuck out for me during the trip was the amazingly beautiful people of the Dominican Republic. They are such loving, generous and welcoming people right down to their core! I felt so at home while staying there. The Dominican people have so little, and yet, they just want to share that which they do have. They have so much joy and passion for the Lord! Coming back into our North American way of life just made me stop and realized how much we have, but how little we use it to show God’s love to others. We need to open ourselves up so that we can be used by God and be bold for Him. He will be faithful to use us if we have passion for Him. I don’t want to miss out on being a blessing to those in need, like the people of the Dominican were to us.” – Sashenka

“One of the many things that I learned while in the Dominican Republic was how to put passion into music. As Canadians, we look at music very technically and the goal is perfection. Dominicans see music differently. They learn music by ear, and seem to feel the music rather than play it. Their music is so full of passion.” -Jacoba