bunkie project

The Bunkie Project

Connecting authentic challenges with project-based learning

This spring, students in Grade 11 Construction Technology class at Hamilton District Christian High put their skills to the test to build a custom bunkie for a local family. The bunkie project was a practical way for students to demonstrate what they had learned throughout the semester and connect it to authentic challenges and problems.

“We learned how to measure accurately, use power tools, and frame small structures. “We were also taught how to construct rafters, joists, studs and roofs.” Kenton Bill, Grade 11 student

The hands-on experience is a crucial learning component of our coursework at Hamilton District Christian High. We want students to learn with their whole self–head, heart, and hands. Opportunities like the bunkie project teach students about teamwork, creativity, and competence.

It was really neat to see the project through from start to finish. We planned for it, we learned all of the necessary skills, and then we executed. It’s a project that I was proud to be a part of.” Kenton

These occasions provide an opportunity to build relationships, serve others and create beautiful work.