Volleyball Camp

Volleyball Camp at Hamilton District Christian High

Volleyball Camp + Beach Volleyball | Sport Camps for Sport Champs

August 12-16, 2019 & August 19-23, 2019  |   9am – 3pm   |   $190* per week
Male and Female athletes going into grades 7, 8 & 9

Striving to discover our full potential

A Sport Champ is an athlete who:

  • doesn’t give up despite tough circumstances
  • always competes with purpose and passion
  • loves the battle more than the victory
  • is determined to turn failure into success
  • seeks to honor God and teammates before self

Volleyball Camp at Hamilton District Christian High is designed for both male and female athletes of all levels of ability and going into grades 7, 8, and 9.  Leading the camp will be Brad Douwes, Redeemer Royals Men’s Volleyball Coach; Brad Heidbuurt, Athletic Coach at HDCH and Kyle Grootenboer, Athletic Coach at HDCH.

Our experienced coaches promote teamwork, cooperation and a spirit of good sportsmanship and all take place in a fun, inclusive learning environment. Campers will also get to experience the brand new state-of-the-art Beach Volleyball facilities that are being built on the HDCH campus. Each week we will include Beach Volleyball training so players should be ready to be on the beach every day.

August 12-16 ~ Experienced Camp
Coaches: Brad Douwes & and Kyle Grootenboer

This camp is designed for volleyball players who already have a lot of experience with the game.  It is recommended that players only enter this camp if they have done at least one of the following:

  • Played at least one full year of club volleyball in the OVA
  • Attended Sport Camps 4 Sport Champs at HDCH for the 2 previous years.
  • have already played two years of elementary volleyball and attended 2 or 3 other camps
  • Played 2 years of elementary volleyball and have attended at least one year of Sport Camps 4 Sport Champs

Sample Week

  • Monday – Review Passing, Setting & Defence  
  • Tuesday – Review Attacking, Serving & Blocking
  • Wednesday – Introduce Advanced Skill Techniques
  • Thursday – Advanced Skill Techniques
  • Friday – Final Review and Tournament

August 19 – 23 ~ Introductory Camp
Coaches: Brad Heidbuurt and Kyle Grootenboer

This camp is designed for volleyball players who have played a little bit of organized volleyball in the past or are brand new to the game.  It is recommended that players enter this camp if they don’t fulfill the recommendations for the Advanced Camp.

Sample Week
Participants in volleyball camp will benefit from an improved level of fitness, skill-specific drills, gameplay, and excellent attention and feedback. Through skill practice and gameplay, participants will develop his/her game in the following areas:

  • Monday – Movement, Communication, Passing
  • Tuesday – Serving and Attacking
  • Wednesday – Blocking and Setting
  • Thursday – Revisit Movement, Communication, Passing
  • Friday – Review all Skills and Final Tournament

  • Volleyball Camp – $190/week with $175 for early bird or additional camper
  • Basketball Camp – $145/week with $135 for early bird or additional camper
  • Families who register for more than one week or register more than one camper will receive the “early bird” rate for each additional week or each additional camper that is registered.  Registration for both basketball camp and volleyball camp is $320.
  • Early Bird deadline is Friday, April 19.
  • Each individual will receive a camp t-shirt.

General Schedule for the Day

Time Activity
9:00-10:30am Skill Work
10:30-10:45am Water/Snack Break
10:45-11:45am Controlled Rallies and Games
11:45am-12:15pm Related Games/Activities
12:15-1:00pm Lunch and Game Videos
1:00-1:45pm Progressing Skill Work
1:45pm-2:00pm Water/Snack Break
2:00pm-3:00pm Game Play and Mini Tournament

Other Topics Covered

  • positioning on the court to receive serve, to defend attack and to cover attack
  • psychology of the game
    • what are you thinking about when you serve?
    • how do you deal with a mistake?
  • nutrition – what foods positively and negatively affect my play?
  • opportunity to watch videos of high level volleyball including college/university, professional and Olympics

What to Bring

VBALL_Circ2Volleyball camp participants may be inside and outdoors during the day. Please bring the following:

  • Athletic shoes
  • Nut-free lunches and snacks
  • Sunscreen, hat, sunglasses
  • Drinks
  • Refillable water bottle


Brad Heidbuurt, Athletic Director, Hamilton District Christian High
As athletic director and physical education teacher since 2001, Brad has coached 100s of students to become better athletes. In 2014, he coached the Junior Boys team and was tournament convenor for OFSAA Girls ‘A’ Volleyball.

I love the game of volleyball and it is very rewarding to help players improve their skills and watch them fall in love with the game too!”

Brad played both high school and varsity volleyball at Redeemer University College and continues to play men’s competitive men’s volleyball.

This week of volleyball will be an excellent way for the players to develop their skills, learn more about the game, and get ready for the upcoming seasons in their elementary school teams, high school teams and/or club teams.

Contact us at camps@hdch.org

royals_LogoBrad Douwes, Redeemer Royals Men’s Volleyball Head Coach

Since 2006 I have been fortunate to dedicate many hours to the game of volleyball. The first 4 years I spent training and competing as a Redeemer University Royal. Following my playing career, I made the transition to coaching. In my first 3 seasons as an assistant coach, I learned so much and developed a new passion for coaching volleyball. I very recently completed my 5th season as the head coach at Redeemer. Reflecting back on my first 5 years I can say that I have an even greater passion to coach now than I did when I first started out and I’m looking forward to continuing to learn and develop as a coach over the next many years.

I have also had the chance to be involved with youth volleyball in a number of different forms recently. This year I was appointed as the Ancaster Lions Volleyball Club’s Technical Director. Last summer I coached at the Ontario Volleyball Association’s Regional High-Performance Camp for 14U Girls. And this summer I will be head coaching the Region 3 Boys Team at the Ontario Summer Games!

I’m looking forward to a great week of training at HDCH’s Sport Camps for Sport Champs!

Kyle Grootenboer, Athletic Coach, Hamilton District Christian High
I am first and foremost a volleyball fan. I love the energy of this beautiful sport! I played volleyball in high school, learning about the game from some incredible coaches. I played intramural volleyball at McMaster for 5 years while also playing in a men’s league in Hamilton. While at McMaster for 5 years, I attended each and every home game for the varsity men’s volleyball team. I loved to watch such high-quality volleyball.

In my first 5 years at HDCH, I coached the jr girls volleyball team for 2 years. I really enjoyed the experience with those teams and the sport of volleyball. This year, my sixth at HDCH, there was an opening to coach the Junior Boys volleyball team and I eagerly jumped at the opportunity.

Whether it is playing, watching, or coaching; I am always gung-ho to learn more about this beautiful game!

The Hamilton District Christian High gymnasium features two volleyball courts with a wood playing surface. The facility is the competitive venue for Knights high school basketball and volleyball. Both camps will be using the beach volleyball courts as well during the week. In addition, HDCH offers campers a 20-acre campus for outdoor activities.