Campus Renewal

Our Aim

Like that of our founders, our aim is to bless the next generations of Christian teenagers with a facility that will support cultivating their character through learning for a life of service to God.

Why Campus Renewal?

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    Path to Renewal

    Hamilton District Christian High is continuing on the path to meet the changing needs and expectations of current and future learners. Informed by the work that is going into our new Strategic Plan, we aspire to be a true leader in exceptional Christian learning and sustainable Christian community.

    We listened to your hopes, dreams, and concerns at our Town Hall and Membership Meetings, and we met with leaders in the geographic catchments that we serve. It is important that all your voices are heard as community engagement is paramount for the success of this initiative.

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    Great vision require great spaces

    Future Needs
    Our current and future generations of students need a wider variety of learning spaces in order to take advantage of exceptional learning—more collaborative areas for group work, better quiet areas for individual study and reflection, and more technology-infused areas primed for creativity and innovation. Our staff needs better quality space to work with students, individually, and with each other.

    We will work hard to create an innovative environment that inspires all students now and into the future, and that will enhance and enrich the learning, improve our students’ experience, cultivate deep community engagement and foster multi-generational connections

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    Good Value

    While we have been conscientious stewards in caring for our school, our current building is in need of significant capital investment and revitalization. Historically, we have responded to new opportunities efficiently, and we’ve remodeled individual spaces as funding became available. However, to continue just renovating the existing building doesn’t represent good value.

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    Expert Recommendations

    With all these considerations in mind, we established a coalition comprising of a builder, an architect, and a team of educators. We have worked with them to problem-solve for our current and future space needs and to make recommendations for the best way to plan for these. We are delighted with the results.

    The school, as re-imagined, would enhance opportunities for Christian learning, inspire creativity and innovation, develop community engagement and better prepare our students for their lives after high school.

HDCH Continuum

HDCH Begins

HDCH consisted of fewer than 20 students in grades 9 & 10, meeting in a church basement.


HDCH Moves to Athens St.

A freestanding campus on Athens St became a reality.


Athens St. Expansion

Athens St. footprint is tripled with gym, classrooms, office & kitchen addition.

Glancaster Road School is Built

With a new school, HDCH was getting ready for the education of the 1990s


HDCH Building Expansion

Computer labs and classrooms are added.

Grove & Atrium Are Added

The far end of the school ago has been transformed into the central “hub” of student activity at Hamilton District Christian High School.


HDCH Celebrate 60 Years

Sixty years of exceptional Christian education – and counting.

Campus Renewal continues

Our Kingdom vision is transformative and continuous.