Our Challenge

There is a direct correlation between a well-developed, innovative building and learning.
We believe that the long-term sustainability of our school depends on the renewal of our secondary school building.

We have been conscientious stewards in caring for our current 80,000 square foot building. However, it is now in need of significant capital revitalization. Our 30-year-old facility is tired and requires investment in its building systems (HVAC, electrical, roof, etc.) to continue its use.

Repairs & Barriers
In our current building, we are not only facing repairs, but we are increasingly running into physical barriers and setups that do not optimally serve our students’ learning needs. The learning spaces we need for collaboration, inspiration, and integrated learning are not easily found in our existing building structure.

Flexible Learning Spaces
More and more classes are combining to work on rich learning experiences through projects. Our current school building is not suited to integrated classes and project work. It is not unusual to see classes meet in the cafeteria, hallways, front foyer, and cramming one, two or three collaborating classes into a single classroom.

Photo ~ 1998 Building Expansion Dedication. Computer labs were added.

Educational Design