Campus Renewal Plan

Looking Forward

To help us look forward, we consulted with experts inside and outside our school about the potential of our campus. We believe that the results of the New Secondary School plan report present a strategic, forward-looking and holistic approach to space use and renewal. The school, as re-imagined, will enhance opportunities for exceptional Christian learning, inspire creativity and innovation, develop community engagement, and better prepare our students for their lives after high school.

Our Aim

Our aim, like that of our founders, is to bless the next generations of Christian teenagers with a facility that will support cultivating their character through learning for a life of service to God.

Our Campus Renewal Plan

The Plan enhances schooling opportunities for our students through the creation of more flexible learning spaces. It uses progressive classroom design, furnishings, and integrated technology that support vibrant discussion, debate, discovery, movement, group learning, multimedia, and fiscal and environmental stewardship. It focuses on developing lifelong skills in our future leaders and community members by instilling independence, collaboration and a local-to-global mindset.

Educational Design

Connect with us

We encourage you to connect with us through Coffee and Conversation events or by calling our office at 905.648.6655. We look forward to hearing from you.