FAQ – CARE Campaign

Why can’t we repair the roof, instead of replacing it? Our roof has been repaired, at quite a cost, a couple of times. A major crack appeared in June 2021 and it has been repaired. The roof is a couple of years past its recommended life span of 30 years, and the need to replace it is critical. The HVAC units are very old, and fragile, and not efficient.

Unrepaired, the roof allows water to seep in, and leads to wood rot and mold.

Why can’t we replace the roof and just keep the current heating/cooling units? The HVAC units are also past their normal lifespan and are functioning at low efficiency. These units can fail suddenly. If that happens, the cost of emergency replacement can be quite high. Long term, this should save us money, improve the air quality in our building. Investing now means recuperating in savings sooner.

What is wrong with our present waste management system? The school uses the original septic tank that was installed 32 years ago. 30 years is the normal safe lifespan for a septic tank. As well, we pay over $30K annually in septic tank pumping fees. Connecting to the city sewer will make waste management seamless.

Why did the school get into this state of disrepair?
As a community, we were investigating the possibility of creating a new building, or adding a large addition onto the current one. The board and staff agreed that making large investments in current building roofs did not make good stewardship sense, until the rest of the plan was clear. In fall of 2019, the community voted to recommit to our much-loved building. Now we are working to catch up on those now urgent repairs and replacements.

I have another question
Please contact Sandra Baker, Director of Advancement, 905-466-0237, sbaker@hdch.org