Celebration of Culture

A Culinary Event

Celebration of CultureStudent Council in partnership with Food & Nutrition students hosted a Celebration of Culture event at Hamilton District Christian High. The vision of the event was to highlight the diversity within our own community with a focus on the various cultures represented in our school.

During the 2017 school year, HDCH welcomed students from around the globe, including regions of China, Greece, Iran, Italy, Spain, South Korea, Thailand, and Nigeria.

The event took weeks to plan as the students involved shared their favourite traditional recipes and took trips to the grocery store to purchase the ingredients needed to prepare a cultural feast. The students in the Foods program were assigned to one of the cultural regions and helped with the food preparation, presentation, and informational posters about each country

The entire school was invited to sample the food that was prepared and served during lunchtime. The event provided the chance for these students to share their traditional food with their peers. It became an amazing celebration of culture!