Hamilton District christian high students study water of Tiffany Creek

Chemistry Students Study Tiffany Creek

What’s in the Water of Tiffany Creek?

Grade 11 Chemistry Students from Hamilton District Christian High are studying the water of Tiffany Creek and have identified a direct relationship between temperature, weather and human interaction in the quality of the water.

On three different occasions through the semester, samples were measured at four locations of the Creek including the Soccer Field across from Costco, Tiffany Falls Conservation Area, the junction of Tiffany Creek with Spencer Creek in Dundas, and at Cootes Paradise.

Using specialized equipment, students tested for chloride ion concentration, e. coli levels, nitrate levels, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, and pH. In addition total bacteria, biochemical oxygen demand, dissolved solids, conductivity, temperature were noted. Plant and animal life were also observed.

The class presented their findings to Dr. Darren Brouwer, Associate Professor of Chemistry at Redeemer University College and Larissa Schiffman, Watershed Program Manager at Stewards of Cootes Watershed. This study led the students to the realization that what humans do directly affects the quality of the water in our local stream.

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