Christmas Concert

Christmas Concert

Christmas of Old and New

After months of before school, lunch, and afternoon ensemble rehearsals, and almost nightly practice at home, it was time for this year’s Hamilton District Christian High Christmas Concert! This concert was especially important, as it is the 60th anniversary of our school, and we were commemorating it with the theme of “Christmas of Old and New”.

The program was a mix of modern holiday songs and classic Christmas carols, and we finished the evening off with some select excerpts from Handel’s Messiah. Everyone gathered at the beautiful Melrose United Church in downtown Hamilton to be inspired by the joy and wonder of Christmas demonstrated through music.

There were many pieces performed by ensembles including, but not limited to, music classes, Concert Band, Praise Team, Choir, and the Piano Club. Each ensemble beautifully highlighted an aspect of the Christmas season as we played and sang music from multiple eras, emphasizing that the joy of Christmas can remain the same, despite years having gone by.

We want to once again thank the students who participated, the staff who directed our ensembles, and everyone who contributed to making the concert the wonderful event that it was. Most of all, we are incredibly thankful for the members of our community who attended our concert. It was a very exciting opportunity to create music in the heart of our city, and an incredible blessing to be in such a beautiful church as we played and sang such beautiful music to praise our Lord and to celebrate his birth!