2015 HDCH Christmas Tree

tree-2Artist Statement

For this project I came up with my own design for the Hamilton District Christian High Christmas tree that is presented in the lobby every Christmas.

For this project the first thing I did was I search for reference pictures for my design on the Internet. I found a few pictures that interested me, and I started coming up with my own ideas. The final idea that I came up with was a Christmas tree that is made out of barn board wood strips. These strips are about an inch thick and, depending on the placement of the wood strips, change in length.

For this tree, the higher the tree goes, the shorter the wood strips will get. The wood is placed so that the shape of it looks like the normal shape of a Christmas tree. The base is be fairly wide, to give it lots of support and have the wood strips about a 3 inches apart. I am thinking about keeping the wood it’s normal colour, and I do not plan to varnish or paint the tree.

The message that I hope to portray with this tree, is to bring awareness of the environment and how we should try and keep things natural.  The barn board reminds us of where Christ was born, and the birch tree at the core is a symbol of renewal and rebirth in many cultures.

I look forward to seeing what the tree will look like next year!

Juliana Allemang
Grade 12 student