Commedia Dell’Arte

It has been very busy in the art room lately.

The grade 9 students in Arts Block students are hard at work on their Commedia Dell’Arte project. This comical form of drama has actors wearing masks and acting in exaggerated, silly, and ironic manners.

Each student has used plaster to create a base for a mask… on their own face! They carefully applied a thick layer of vaseline before the layering of plaster began, otherwise Mr. DeVries could have pulled off eyebrows and other facial hairs along with the mask.

It was a sticky, messy, loud, and fun day!

At this point, masks have been completed. Every student has chosen a character to embrace in mask decorating and in acting. You just might see some of these students walking around hunched over like creepy, scheming trolls, or flighty damsels in distress. If you pass such a peer, just give a high-five and congratulate the actor on embracing their Commedia Dell’Arte project. Presentations begin in class shortly.