Bridge Day Grant Avenue Studios

Connecting Life and Learning

Deeper In and Further Out is a phrase we have been using to describe our vision for good learning. We are pursuing the creation of learning experiences that facilitate deep and lasting development of character, knowledge, and skills.

As we have researched what these experiences can look like in education, we have realized that one way to go Deeper In our learning is to get Further Out. This might mean going Further Out of the building on a field trip, serving or engaging in our communities; it might mean having an expert community member come to HD and be involved in our classes; it might mean presenting our learning to community members, or even connecting to experts or audiences around the world remotely.

Pursuing Deeper Learning

As we continue to pursue this vision of learning that goes Deeper In and Further Out, we use school structures to help us achieve this vision. Bridge Days are one of these structures that help us pursue deeper learning.

The Opportunities of Time

Bridge Days have been around HDCH for over ten years. They were originally developed with the idea of ‘bridging life and learning;’ this concept translates well to Deeper In and Further Out. Twice a semester, each class has the opportunity to spend a double period diving deeply into their course material in one way or another. Class expands to the length of either the entire morning or the entire afternoon to make way for an extended learning experience.

Bridge Days have been used for field trips, guest speakers, hosting a workshop or clinic for an audience, tackling a complex lab or mathematical concept that benefits from an extended amount of time, design or performance challenges, integrated class projects, presentations of learning, and more. Our bi-weekly newsletter, The UKnight, highlights many of our Bridge Day activities in its “Deeper In and Further Out” section. Keep an eye for it this semester to see the exceptional learning happening through these experiences!

Valuable Experiences

We are excited to see how the Bridge Days structure has continued to support good learning over the years, and we appreciate the hard work our teachers invest in making them valuable learning experiences. Whether diving deeply into something on-site, or heading out into the community to learn from others, Bridge Days make connections in how we can use the learning we do in high school to serve God, engage in our communities, and love our neighbours.

CBloemendalChristy Bloemendal
Vice Principal, Hamilton District Christian High