Culinary Challenge

The FOODS class competed in a Three Course Dining Delight Culinary Challenge for their Bridge Day as they planned, prepared, practiced and then served their menu to seven staff judges.

It was hard to select the winning team, but Team France had a slight edge resulting in earning the Master Chef title. The winning team selected a French theme and prepared: an appetizer of French onion pastry cups; a main of grilled chicken skewers on a bed of spiraled zucchini with a variety of vegetables and a dessert of creme brulee.

The second place team selected Greek cuisine and infused fresh lemons throughout their menu. The Greek menu included an appetizer of Spanakopita triangles, a main of flatbread chicken with a fresh Greek salad and a mini lemon cheesecake for dessert. It was impressive to see the students rise to the challenge and serve their amazing three-course meals.

Pauline VanderVelde,  Foods Teacher
Hamilton District Christian High