The “Deeper” extra-curricular course is designed especially for teenagers.  We’re happy to roll out the program this year at HDCH. Deeper was inspired by two things: the Bible League and the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada’s report on how many students are not engaged with the Bible in their everyday lives. We wanted to give our students an opportunity to do this.

Deeper is for any student who is interested in beginning a deeper knowledge of Scripture, whether they have a strong biblical background or are opening the Bible’s pages for the first time. Whether they are a more academic or more hands-on learner, Deeper is designed to be flexible and about each student’s personal engagement with the Bible. Creating a welcoming atmosphere is an important element of the program; students can come with friends or on their own. Students have found that engaging in the subject area of their choice surrounded by peers is one of the greatest benefits of Deeper.

As Christian educators, we are very excited about the program and trust that it will positively impact the lives of our students. Students lives have many demands put on them for academic and social success and many are in need of community support to incorporate daily scripture reading into their lives. Seeing them grow in faith, friendships and grounding in scripture through the Deeper course has inspired us to make this program this school year.