Habits of a Hamilton District Christian High School Graduate

The character of a Hamilton District Christian High school graduate.

Character  n.  A person’s unique qualities and abilities which can be directed toward individual and community success

At Hamilton District Christian High, we want to know our students personally and we want to see them flourish. God has blessed each person with tremendous potential, and our staff is committed to supporting students as they continue to learn who they are, and as they develop and use their skills and gifts. We believe that, through learning, God will shape their character.

The following habits of a graduate are the marks of character we look for in our Christian high school graduates.


A Hamilton District Christian High school graduate is able to reflect on and share what he or she has learned during and after any activity. Wisdom, discernment, humility and effective communication are all evidence of honest reflection.

CIRC_Tioluwani“I wouldn’t want to be at any other high school than at Hamilton District Christian High. I love it here. When I came to HD, I knew that high school was going to be a good experience, but I didn’t know that it was going to be absolutely amazing. Since I’ve started high school, I’ve made new friends, learned new things, and I’ve grown a lot—emotionally and spiritually.

HD is definitely a place where you can find your place and belong, because we know who we are in Christ. We know that we belong to Him. We are accepted, chosen, and loved by Him and I see that every day. I know that I will look back on my high school experience and say, “Those four years were spent well.” TIOLUWANI


A Hamilton District Christian High graduate perseveres, solving problems and overcoming obstacles. A resilient graduate takes healthy risks, accomplishes tasks and humbly accepts the wisdom of others. In the community, he or she has developed confidence and courage to risk.


A Hamilton District Christian High school graduate shows respect and compassion for others as equal image-bearers of God and for all of God’s creation. He or she is able to see from another’s perspective, to be in another’s place. This compassion should be evidenced in lives of service and integrity, concern for justice and ethics, and extension of generosity and grace.

CIRC_Monica“Hamilton District Christian High is filled with teachers who genuinely care about their students’ academic and personal achievements, and there are students that attend from all over the area. Throughout my four years at HDCH I have really enjoyed my time, and I would not be the same person that I am today without this school.” MONICA


A Hamilton District Christian High school graduate can analyze, synthesize and apply learning in any situation. Graduates can think critically, communicate clearly and work collaboratively. They are multi-literate and adaptable. They have discovered and developed gifts and continue to strive for mastery of a variety of skills. They are competent to be of service in God’s world.

CIRC_KAT“Looking back on the four years I spent at Hamilton District Christian High, I am grateful. I am grateful for the teachers who dedicated time and effort into students. I know that walking into HDCH today, I will be greeted by the teachers who dedicated countless hours to my learning inside and outside the classroom.

Now in university, I am grateful for how HD prepared me for my future. Going into university, I was prepared with good study habits and skills to write research papers. I am grateful for Hamilton District Christian High’s awesome community and the way that it established me into a successful student.” KAT


A Hamilton District Christian High school graduate is playful, finding joy in all of God’s creation, in exploring and discovering, in imagining and creating. His or her creations are beautiful, strong and excellent. As image-bearers of God, graduates understand that they are craftsmen and artists.

CIRC_Colin“I love my school, I love the people, the interesting classes, the hands-on learning, everything! i enjoyed the many sports I have been a part of, the musical groups I am involved in and I love how there is no limit to what you can do here” COLIN .

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