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The new school year is underway, but in many ways the school doesn’t have a summer break. There was construction going on all summer as well as the usual summer cleaning. We hosted art, music and volleyball camps. We also hosted the Teacher’s Academy, where for a week in August, fifty educators were doing professional development and project planning in preparation for the school year.

As our staff prepared for the HDCH students coming back to school, we were reminded that the learning that happens at HDCH can be a blessing, not only to our students, but to the Hamilton District area and surrounding communities. While we know that it is by the grace of God we operate as a Christian school, we are grateful for your encouragement as we work to provide an exceptional Christian learning experience for our students—an experience that contributes to the flourishing of Hamilton and all the communities of the surrounding areas.

I am very excited about this school year! There are many things to be excited about. Four particular highlights for me are: welcoming our 100 new grade 9’s; kicking off our new extra‐curricular Bible Immersion Program, “Deeper”; completing our new Learning Centre later this fall; and the arrival of our new Vice‐Principal, Mrs. Christy Bloemendal.

Another significant change this year is a new course for all grade 9’s. In Design Block, or MegaBloc as it’s now called, during the first period of semester 1, our whole grade 9 class is introduced to communication technology, designing technologies and manufacturing technologies. This Design Block course is replacing the old BTT10 computer course that has been around for nearly 30 years. We believe that this change will prepare our students better for life at HDCH and beyond. More on this below.

I believe that HDCH is a place to dream dreams and see visions, a place to learn and grow and be cultivated, a place to live as a healthy community, a place for exceptional learning. The learning that happens here is a launching pad for our graduates’ futures; this is exciting stuff. We’re always happy to welcome our friends and supporters to school. If you are in the neighbourhood, we hope you’ll drop by and experience exceptional learning first-hand.

NSiebengaNathan Siebenga

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