Principal’s Message

HDCH Front Entrance

2020 Vision

Founded on the vision to provide biblical, Christ-centred education, HDCH strives to launch our students into their place and calling in God’s Kingdom. There are different ways of expressing this, but the core mission of the school remains unchanged: cultivating character through learning for lives of service to God. This mission holds the continuity between our past, present, and future.

The future brings challenges, opportunities, and endless possibilities. We venture into it confident in God’s faithfulness and grace toward us, so evident in our past and present. The following is not, indeed cannot be, an exhaustive list of what lies ahead, but rather a highlight of some of the keys to our future work.

Integration & Specialization
Learning happens best when we form a rich network of connections between different experiences and information. At the same time, the world beyond school requires a depth of expertise that calls for specialization. We believe that these two are not mutually exclusive or contradictory. We aim to move beyond subject silos to an integrated approach to curriculum. This approach will help our students take their learning deeper and find their specialized gifts.

Collaboration & Individualism
The complexities of our world and its problems require collaboration. Scripture calls us to be co-labourers with God, and, as a united body, to use the variety of gifts we have received to serve His purposes in this world together. The variety of gifts we have is also a recognition of our differences – each student learns differently, and our model of learning needs the flexibility to allow for those differences.

Student Leaders
By including students in the semesterly interviews with parents and teachers, we continue to move toward greater student ownership of their learning. If we need life-long learners, students will need to take a lead role in shaping their experience. We look forward to incorporating new ways of having students take the lead.

Campus Development
As we continue to grow, we need not only to care for the building we have but to renovate and innovate to provide a facility that facilitates the vision for this and coming generations. We need to talk openly and honestly about this as a community so that we have unity of purpose and vision.

Campus Community
Learning is deeply affected by the physical environment and connected to the social and emotional climate of the school and classroom. Themes that will continue to be part of our planning for a healthy, restorative school culture are:

Wellness & Resilience
Teen anxiety and depression are significant concerns, and our Christian communities are not immune. As a school, we do not wish to react only against perceived suspects (smart devices, social media, etc.), but teach optimism, resilience, and discernment. We seek to foster wellness so students may flourish by connecting to vision and purpose in their lives and experience fulfilling relationships with others and with the Lord.

Diversity as Christians
On our campus and in our wider school community, we continue to grow in ethnic, confessional, and cultural diversity. Embracing varied experiences and perspectives while remaining united by our vision for Christ-centred learning, is good and healthy for us as an organization, and for our students.

HDCH has enjoyed the favour and faithfulness of God through a community that loves and supports this place. and believes in partnering with the Christian schools to raise our children to know and serve the Lord to whom they belong. This is our confidence as we face the challenges and opportunities of the future.

Duncan ToddDuncan Todd