Jessica Heidbuurt

Female Athlete of the Year

Jessica Heidbuurt 2014 / 2015

HDCH is pleased to announce the recipients of the Female Athlete of the Year Awards for 2014- 2015. The Athletes of the Year are presented annually to a senior female student that has made a significant impact on HDCH Athletics, while demonstrating the traits of leadership, sportsmanship and work ethic. They show healthy competition and a passion for their sport.

Jessica Heidbuurt has been a vital part of HDCH Athletics since grade 9, when she played soccer, badminton, slo-pitch, and volleyball. Since then, Jessica has continued to contribute well to all those programs. Specifically, Jessica showed her excellence in play and leadership on the volleyball team which culminated in a SOSSA championship and OFSAA experience this year.

As a leader, Jessica shows the ability to encourage, expect and help her teammates get better. As a competitor, Jessica shows great effort and determination while exemplifying great sportsmanship and respect for her opponents.

Jessica’s Highlights

  • soccer,badminton, slo-pitch, volleyball
  • contributed well to all programs specifically volleyball
  • excellence in play and leadership on the court led to SOSSA and OFSAA
  • shows ability to encourage, expect and help teammates get better
  • shows effort and determination with sportsmanship and respect for opponents

Excellent job, Jessica! Thank you for your fantastic contribution to HDCH Athletics!