Frake Eissens HDCH Athlete of the Week

Featured Athlete – Frake Eisses

In a time trial race, the only thing that matters to a participating athlete is the time on the clock when their race is done.  So when Frake Eisses put on his snowboard at the SOSSA championships and raced down the slope in a very good time, only to have a timing error give an inaccurate time, surely he would show some frustration and anger.  But, that was not the case; he handled the situation with a calm demeanor and did not treat anybody poorly.  No ill words for the time keeper, no yells of frustration, just joy for the opportunity to race down the hill.

When we look closer at Frake, we realize that he is a very talented athlete at Hamilton District Christian High and shows great character and joy every time he plays a sport. Before Frake was a student at HDCH, our school, didn’t even have a ski/snowboard team.  He did a lot of behind the scenes work (meetings and emails) to get the team started.  Once the team was started, Frake demonstrated excellent leadership skills within the team setting.  “He did a great job bringing the team together and setting a really positive tone. I can’t say enough good about him,” said Christy Bloemendal, Ski/Snowboard Coach.

Frake is about to enter the school soccer season, and without surprise, his soccer coach echoes the same praise of Frake as a teammate, leader, athlete, and representative of the HDCH Knights.  Before we get to see him more on the soccer field, it should be noted, that even with the time error at SOSSA, Frake still managed to qualify for OFSAA Snowboarding 2017. He led his team of 5 other boarders to excellent results in both Giant Slalom and Snowboard Cross.  But if you asked Frake, those results probably don’t matter too much, because he already got his joy when feeling the wind on his face as he flew down the hill!

Source: HWDSB Athlete of the Week