Getting Our Feet Wet

Swim Team Looks forward to City Meet

The world is filled with people who find enjoyment through relaxing with friends eating bonbons, and then there are those who find pleasure in the little things, such as jumping in a pool and working as hard as they possibly can for an hour without drowning.  These fine people have joined the inaugural Hamilton District Christian High Swim Team.

Sixteen students from all grades have been working on endurance, sprints and stroke improvement in the pool on Wednesdays after school, and getting up bright and early on Friday mornings for dry-land training.  Our team has their first competitive event coming up on Dec. 12th at MacMaster University.  The City Meet will be coming sooner than we think in January, but we are up for the challenge.  This year our goal is to see where each student finds the stroke they would like to focus on, whether that is in sprint races, or longer endurance events, or the relay.

 There has already been great team camaraderie.  You can always find students in the last 10 minutes of practice helping others on the team with flip-turns or race entrances.  The coaches have already seen a lot of determination, endurance, and care for team-mates in the pool.  Go Knights!