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Global Clean Water

Students received a visit from Bula from World Renew to shed light on the United Nations Sustainable Development goals with a focus on Goal #6 which aims to provide clean water and sanitation on a global scale. Stemming from an initiative starting in 1990, this WaSH: clean water, sanitation, and hygiene program has been a focus for numerous NGO’s in many developing world countries.

Christians in Society (CIS) and the social justice group Working at Teaching Children Hope (WATCH) is organizing HDCH’s 2nd WATER WALKATHON. The money raised will go towards purchasing hand washing stations and family water filters for homes/communities in Nicaragua and Guatemala through World Renew’s WaSH program.

The challenging part is quite often this water is often not clean enough to drink and so this project is focusing on making a difference in the lives of families within these two countries that World Renew is presenting focusing. For $30 dollars we are able to provide a handwashing station and for $115 dollars a water filter system for a family.

Plans are underway for this three to six kilometre walkathon around our campus. Students will have the opportunity to carry buckets of water in order to experience what it is like for so many women and children who walk several km/day to gather buckets of water for their families.

Our expert in the field prepared both the WATCH team and CIS class with an insightful presentation, sample water filter and revealed how each student can make a difference by getting involved in this PBL project at HDCH.

Please join us in this campaign to help those in need today by sponsoring our students in this Walkathon! For all donations of $20 or more, you will receive a tax receipt via email from World Renew.