Hosting Danish Singers

Our music department embarks on a music tour bi-annually to nourish musicianship, build relationships, and serve through music ministry. A key component of this large undertaking is that our students are billeted.

This April we hosted a 70-member youth choir from Denmark and provided them with the comfort, hospitality, and relationships that we have been fortunate enough to experience on our tours. Billeting students develop a cultural appreciation and helps to lessen the cost of otherwise expensive tours.

Ranging in age from 16 – 19, the Sankt Annae Youth Choir from the Copenhagen Municipal Choir School tours every other year under the protection of His Royal Highness Crown Prince Frederik. After seeing Montreal, Ottawa, and Toronto, the singers visited Hamilton. 

Hamilton District Christian High welcomed seventy-three Danish singers into our community. It was AWESOME!

All of the youth singers were hosted and housed by members of our community. As our choir debriefed the experience of hosting and singing with these singers, some of the following highlights arose

Highlights from Billeting

  • the Sankt Annae Gymnasium choir sang with clear diction and vowel uniformity, something that is inspiring to our choir
  • we enjoyed the social exchange because they were so friendly
  • the choir sang exciting, challenging, and professional music
  • the violinist was incredible; she played a full movement of a concerto from memory
  • many host families got their groups together to go laser tagging – about 40 people!
  • many of the Danes stayed up late into the night with our choristers talking about our faith and how evident it is that we truly live it out in all that we do, such as praying before meals, the meaning we communicated as we sang a spiritual “Steal Away,” and in how we interact with others.

Thank you, HD, for supporting this musical adventure. What an amazing opportunity for growth for our students!

KKonstantyBy Kasia Konstanty
Musical Director