Junior Boys Basketball

HWDSB Featured Athlete of the Week – Noah Huisman

Noah Huisman, grade 12, is an all-around athlete at Hamilton District Christian High who is putting together quite a year to remember for high school sport.

Noah Huisman - Athlete of the weekNoah is an excellent volleyball player and a key member of the team that won the city championships this year. He is an excellent passer and knows how to put the ball away on the attack.

He is currently playing basketball, which many would say is his specialty.  He is a 6’1″ shooting guard that can shoot the lights out on any given night. He can also be found on the defensive end, often times guarding the opposition’s best player.

After basketball, Noah will move on to the pitch for some soccer. He is a tireless worker on the field, going up and down the sideline from the start of a game to its finish.

All of the success that Noah shows in sports can be attributed to his character. He carries with him a spirit of humility; this humility makes him the team’s hardest worker in practices and games, and a very coachable player who never stops learning and improving!

Source: HWDSB