Intergenerational Bible Study

Intergenerational Bible Study

Christians In Society

This semester every student in the Christian’s in Society class has been given the task of researching and shedding light on a social justice issue of their choice. I was given the opportunity to join a student team that is focused on deepening our faith and relationship with the Lord. To be able to do this, three Redeemer University students and our teacher, Mrs. VanderVelde felt that this could be achieved through an intergenerational Bible study.

Our driving question for this faith-based project was:

“How can we close the intergenerational gap that exists within our community while strengthening our faith?’  

From this question, our intergenerational Bible studies became a reality. Together, an intergenerational Bible study group is hosted every other Tuesday in our school cafeteria.  This Intergenerational Bible study runs from 9:00am-10:20 am, and is geared toward bringing retired adults within the community into HDCH to study the Bible together. The goal of this Bible study is to build discipleship among members of the community while bridging the intergenerational gap that exists within our community.  

Every other Tuesday, students of the Christian’s in Society class meet with members of the community and develop relationships over coffee, homemade pastries and the Word of God. Through this Bible study, each participant has the opportunity to reach out to our larger Christian community, as well as to reach in deeper to the Word of the Lord.  This Bible study has been a blessing to all its participants and will continue to be one as it goes on throughout the semester.

~ Jessica Sluys, Student