Isaiah Huisman

Male Athlete 2018

Isaiah Huisman has been a significant part of Hamilton District Christian High Athletics and quickly became a go-to athlete since walking through our doors in grade nine.

He was a crucial part in his teams’ trips to OFSAA Volleyball and OFSAA Basketball during the year and contributed great things to the soccer team.

Isaiah worked hard to become one of our most versatile players who could play any position on the volleyball team; it was merely a matter of deciding which position would benefit his team the most. Along with his athleticism, Isaiah thinks quickly, leads by example, and shows a strong desire to succeed. He shows incredible dedication to his teams and doesn’t need to be in the spotlight. When Isaiah is on the court, he is very positive and exhibits the character and sportsmanship we hope to see in our athletes.

Well done Isaiah!

Brad Heidbuurt, Athletic Director
Hamilton District Christian High