Josh Huisman

Male Athlete of the Year

Josh Huissman 2014 / 2015

HDCH is pleased to announce the recipients of the Male Athlete of the Year Awards for 2014-2015. The Athletes of the Year are presented annually to a senior male student that has made a significant impact on HDCH Athletics, while demonstrating the traits of leadership, sportsmanship and work ethic. They show healthy competition and a passion for their sport. This year we were blessed to have two Male Athletes of the Year.

Josh Huisman has had spectacular year to end off four great years in HDCH Athletics.  Josh has participated on our hockey and track teams, but he has made major contributions to our volleyball, basketball, and soccer programs.  Although he has already been showing excellence in play, great sportsmanship, and good leaderships abilities throughout his years here, this past year was pretty special.  As captain on all three teams, he continued to demonstrate great leadership and led the basketball and soccer teams to OCSSAA championships.  He was also a major factor in our basketball team winning SOSSA and qualifying for OFSAA for the first time since 2002. Josh’s work ethic and positive energy was infectious for the rest of his teammates.  

Josh’s Highlights

  • played hockey and track, but has contributed most significantly to volleyball, basketball and soccer teams
  • showed excellence and at times domination in his play, along with great leadership throughout his 4 years here
  • this year, he was captain of all three teams and led the basketball team to the Christian High Championship and berth at OFSAA – the first one since 2002.
  • he also led the soccer team to a Christian High Championship
  • Josh’s work ethic and positive energy is infectious for his teammates

Great job, Josh!  Thanks for your contributions to the HDCH Athletic program!