Math Flipped Classroom

The grade 10 Academic Mathematics students are getting a taste of what a “Flipped Classroom” feels like while we are using remote education here at HDCH.

In a traditional flipped classroom, the learning of a new concept happens outside of regular class time for the students (by video), and the class time is used for the students to do their “homework”. This way there can be more collaboration between students while they do their work, and the teacher can lead the class through some tougher problems or simply go around and help students that have questions.

The students watch a video lesson at home that has been prepared by the teacher; the video goes over the basic concepts of the topic that is being learned. Math students are being provided with videos to watch on their own, and then we use the Zoom meeting time to go over some tougher problems or questions that a student volunteers. We are experimenting with different ways of making collaboration happen in our Zoom meetings. So far, the students have found the video lessons to be an effective way to learn the concepts.

Some of the comments received have been:

“I really do like the video lessons.”
“They’re pretty good.”
“They feel like an actual class.”

Of course, as in all cases, this kind of learning will be great for some students and more of a challenge for others. Our ultimate hope is that the students feel like they can understand the concepts they are learning, and know that if they are in trouble, we are only a video chat away!