students attending McMaster engineering workshop

McMaster Engineering Workshop

How do you get a 3D printed model of a space module to land gently on a planetary surface so that it can be reused? 

That was the challenge posed by a group of four senior engineering students from McMaster to our Venture 10 class.

After briefly introducing the skills engineers use to solve design and problem-solving challenges, our students were then put in teams and each given a  limited budget to buy a variety of items including straws, plastic, tape string, and sponges. They then had 35 minutes to design, test, prototype and complete their space landing module so that it would land on a tin foil surface without puncturing it.

Using their imagination and design thinking skills, students created spider legs, parachutes, cotton ball feet, and popsicle stick landing gear to land their module. They then presented a brief pitch for their lander and did a landing test which was scored by the team.

The workshop provided a great overview of design thinking, teamwork and problem solving as well as a great deal of fun.

Thanks to Yousuf, Matthew, Nicole, and Roba from McMaster LEAP program for providing a great engineering and design skills workshop.