students at McMaster engineering leap workshop
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McMaster LEAP Workshops

A group of four senior engineering students from McMaster visited our Science and Venture Classes for interactive workshops.

Grade 10 Science

As part of the Climate Change unit Grade 10 science students talked about alternative energy sources with the LEAP Science & Engineering team from McMaster. The students participated in a mini competition to see which group could make a windmill that produced the most electricity when powered by a hairdryer.

Grade 11 Physics

The Grade 11 physics class had a competition to see which group could produce the most effective electric motor starting with a simple coil of copper wire, a magnet and a couple of batteries.

McMaster LEAP Program

Developed for high-achieving secondary school students, LEAP Academy– the Learning Enrichment Advancement Program – delivers innovative summer courses in McMaster’s state-of-the-art engineering laboratories. Students gain a deeper understanding of science, mathematics, and technology while exploring today’s most exciting areas of engineering and computer science. Enriching, hands-on activities encourage creativity, personal growth and a passion for learning.

Through the LEAP summer program, workshops are offered to Academic Level classes in grades 9-11 to encourage high school students to pursue careers and education in STEM fields. LEAP’s workshops are designed to aid in-classroom learning and provide students with an interactive and engaging learning experience.