Neuroscience at HDCH

Neuroscience in Biology

Grade 12 biology class hosts Neuroscience grads

Students hosted eight graduate students from the Neuroscience program at McMaster to their class for a ‘brain-stimulating’ morning. Highlights of the morning included seeing a cricket leg dance to music based on the electrical impulses the neuron received, inspecting various sections of a sheep brain and looking at the nervous system parts under the microscope.

Post-grad Research

Our guests briefed students on the research that they are participating in as part of their degrees. Students were fascinated to hear about current research in schizophrenia, Parkinson’s, diagnosing depression based on MRI imaging, mood disorders in adolescents and correlations between poor childhood experiences, cognitive impairment and criminal behaviour.

Have brains, will travel

During the second half of the morning, the guests facilitated a sheep brain dissection with the students. In addition to gaining skills in dissection, they learned how to identify the different parts of the brain. These experiences further reinforced the theme that all parts of creation have a structure that is specially designed to carry out their functions.