Alumni 3-on-3 Basketball

Celebrating Athletics and Reconnecting with Friends.

In January 2017, Hamilton District Christian High held the First Men’s Alumni 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament. Sixteen teams registered to play, with at least three players on each team. It was an awesome way to celebrate Athletics at HDCH, reconnect with old friends, and raise support to purchase new Knights uniforms.

The event was a huge success! It was amazing to look around and see all of the people who were blessed by sport at HDCH.

“I formed my deepest friendships from playing sports at HDCH, and those friendships still exist today. Playing on a team teaches you to work hard, learn to lose with class, and experience joy in winning as a team. It also teaches you valuable leadership lessons that translate directly into the workplace.”  Rich Huisman ‘88

Congratulations to the ‘Dutch Treats’ team of James Miles, John Vermeer, Dave DeJong ‘97, and Mike Schilthuis ‘99 on their tournament victory! Their skill, energy, and execution proved to be too much for their competitors to handle. We hope to see everyone again next year!