A World Away

What happens when you take three veteran high school teachers and send them to China for three and a half weeks to teach English to small groups of five-year-olds?

James Apers, Eric Brink and I went to Shanghai to find out. Our experience was intense, challenging, and exciting.

We taught English from 9 am to 4 pm Monday through Friday to young children whose command of English was quite impressive, given their age.

What was most enjoyable for us was teaching them about Canada and practicing rudimentary French conversation. Working with lively young ones renewed our admiration and appreciation of our colleagues who teach kindergarten and grade school.

Connecting Overseas
Highlights of our trip included fabulous dinners with a number of parents of our international students, weekend sightseeing in Shanghai and its environs, and making connections with friendly, active, and affectionate Chinese children.

Shanghai is a beautiful city filled with eclectic architecture, lush gardens, beautiful temples, and busy markets. Being surrounded by a sea of language that we didn’t understand at all heightened our empathy for international students who come to HDCH to learn English.

By Shaun Vos, Teacher
Hamilton District Christian High