Excellence in STEM

Cardus Canada recognized Harry Blyleven by awarding him the John Rozema Teaching Excellence Award in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) category.

As a school that educates from a Christian worldview, we understand that all learning happens within a story and does not happen in isolation of ‘subjects.’

Harry first integrates a story into the lives of his students: God’s story. And it is from that basis that Harry’s STEM activities support students in producing beautiful work.

He is a deeply committed educator and intentionally designs his students’ learning experiences around innovative, collaborative, purposeful, and joy-filled tasks. He uses project-based learning to help his students uncover computer science, technology, and math that is woven into these curricula. He also leans heavily on collaboration as a critical skill in good learning and kingdom work.

It takes significant creativity and commitment to connect high school-level computer science to authentic tasks and audiences. Harry continually searches out ways to link learning a coding language to being a blessing to a community, while supporting students as active participants in God’s work of renewal.

He fosters an environment where students turn toward each other to learn together while he provides expert insights and direction at key junctures of the learning. His high support and high expectations for his students are linked deeply to collaboration and peer feedback.

There is a deep joy that his students sense and that is evident to anyone who drops into his class. Harry shares of himself, and of his deep joy in his subject matter, delighting in learning that is fun, joy-filled, and stems from sincere hope for students and God’s redeeming work in the world.

In 2016, Cardus Education launched the John Rozema Award for Teaching Excellence. Beyond academic performance, excellence includes nurturing student character, engaging the local community, and improving school culture.