Online Learning Together

Welcoming Back Students

We are excited to reconnect with you next Monday, March 30 as we cultivate our character together, through our learning, for lives of service to God. We understand that a new approach to learning will also present us with new challenges. Your teachers desire to work with you through high expectations and high support, as we navigate learning together.

Some keys for you as we enter learning next Monday.

Learning from home is now our new classroom
We want to create an environment that supports great learning and allows us to enjoy our experience with each other. The expectations online reflect the same expectations we have in our physical classrooms. This includes the language we use in discussions and in online discussion groups and chat rooms.


Teachers will take attendance each day
You are required to attend your 10AM and your 1PM class. See the schedule below. (ie. On Mondays you will go to period 1 at 10AM and go to period 3*** at 1PM).
NOTE: We will always be using Week 1 for classes.

If you are unable to attend a class, your parents need to communicate that you will be absent.
If you cannot be at a scheduled class at 10AM or 1PM, your parents can e-mail the HD office at We will follow up with students who are absent from classes, as attendance and participation is a key to good learning, just as attendance is critical when we are in the HD building

When you are absent
We realize there are times when you will be unable to attend a scheduled lesson. The expectation is that you engage with your lessons from the day at another time during the day. Your teachers will provide lessons that allow you to access material after the class. Your engagement in the lesson that day will serve as your attendance for that day



Technology Requirements

  • computer
  • internet access
  • a headset with a mic would be helpful as it reduces extra noise (cell phone earbuds with a mic generally work well); otherwise you can use the speakers and microphone on your computer.
  • Zoom

Teachers will frequently be using this online video conferencing application for conducting your lessons. If technology is a challenge for you at home due to multiple users or connectivity issues, we ask that your parents contact Mr. Todd ( regarding your concern.

Getting school resources
If you need to pick up textbooks, binders, instruments, or other supplies that are at school, you can come in at the dates and times below. You will be met by members of the leadership team to assist you. Be aware that proper distancing protocols will be enforced while inside the school building.

  • This Friday March, 27 10am – 11 am AND 5 – 6 pm
  • Tuesday, March 31, 7 pm – 8 pm

Staying Safe/working publicly

We encourage you to work in a space that is public and visible in your home. We realize that we’re entering your homes and you are entering each other’s homes. We want to create a safe learning environment as we work together.

Video recording and privacy
Teachers will be recording some lessons so students who are absent are able to view the lesson from the day. Teachers will make you aware when this is the case. You can turn off the video in the chat if you wish not to be recorded. Videos will only be posted for internal use.

Asking questions
We desire to provide you with high support. In a physical classroom, we often can see where students are challenged by content or technology. We highly encourage you to ask questions so you can receive support when you are unclear of expectations or unable to proceed due to technological issues.

Please follow dress-down / spirit wear expectations when you are online.

Stay Up-to-date

Final words of advice from those who have done online learning: One of the struggles that students have with e-learning is that there isn’t “class time” in the same way, to do work. We want to encourage you to stay up-to-date in your courses each day, using time after class to follow up the lessons. Be prepared to spend a few hours per class each week to stay ahead in your courses. Your teachers will do regular check-ins to support you in achieving daily learning goals.


For class specific questions, please contact your teacher via Edsby or email. For wellness resources or concerns, please see the contact card Mr. Apers sent in his health and wellness memo. Let me know ( if you have any other questions that aren’t addressed here.

We are looking forward to getting back to learning with you.

Owen Webb, Dean of Students
Hamilton District Christian High