Student Project Fund

At HDCH we use the phrase “Deeper In and Further Out” to capture our vision for exceptional learning. We work hard to pursue learning that sticks with our students and integrates our Christian worldview. We want to show love for God and for our neighbours in all that we do.

The Student Project Fund was borne from the generosity of our community at last Spring’s fundraising dinner. Those in attendance had the chance to hear from students and staff about a variety of projects that have made a difference in our community and impacted students’ lives. Many guests responded with financial gifts to enable future projects. With the generosity of many, HDCH has an initial budget of $13,600 to go toward projects for the 2018/19 academic year.

The goal of the Student Project Fund is to provide financial support for short-term, Project Based Learning experiences that fulfill HDCH’s vision to take learning Deeper In and Further Out. Eligible projects will need to show strong potential for student growth and skill mastery, and potential for beautiful products that bless a community beyond HDCH. The project must also explicitly integrate faith and learning.

We aim to use teaching and learning strategies that have a rigor in content and in understanding how we can use knowledge and skills to further God’s kingdom here on earth. We go Deeper In by using teaching strategies that help content and skills stick, and that go Deep In to shaping our students as image bearers – linking learning and loving God and our neighbours.

The second half of this learning vision, Further Out, flows out from Deeper In. Further Out liberates learning beyond the classroom. Further Out encourages students to use what they learn as kingdom builders in our communities.

Research shows when students can engage with community content experts, present learning to real audiences, learn in authentic contexts outside of school, and do real work, it will lead to deeper, more meaningful learning that is empowering.