Tastebud Fundraiser

Awaken Your Tastebuds a Success

Unity and Common Purpose at Hamilton District Christian High

On March 4th parents, students, friends, family and staff gathered to celebrate the school’s Foods program. The gym was turned into a gallery of food choices, and the audience enjoyed a presentation by professional chef Tracey Winkworth from Liaison College.

One of the guests was Jim LoPresti from the Ancaster Community Food Drive who commented:

 I was moved by the energy and love that was obvious in the many students and the great pride that you expressed in them. Congratulations on the success of the fundraiser and accept our sincere thanks for the tremendous donation of $ 579.00 which Hamilton District Christian High is providing to us.”

After tithing our proceeds to the Food Drive and Wesley Urban Ministries for their work with refugees, the Foods department was left with about $10 000 to purchase much-needed equipment and help students learn to prepare food. Thanks so much to our generous guests!

The biggest surprise of the evening was the announcement of $500 000 donation for a new learning kitchen and prep kitchen. This will be an integral part of the planning as HDCH proceeds with its next phase of school renewal. The school’s commitment to Foods and Nutrition education underscores the value we place on the role of Christian hospitality and the centrality of healthy food in our lives. Teacher Pauline VanderVelde is the lead teacher in this area.

There are so many people to thank. In particular, we are grateful to our tech support crew, our parent and student volunteers and our staff for pulling together to make this happen.