PBL Creates Infinite Opportunities

PBL has been no stranger to the walls of HDCH. Since September 2010, HDCH has been discovering what it means to have authentic experiences in our classrooms and surrounding community. It has not been an easy journey, but we are slowly discerning the challenging, stimulating, and practical nature of the method.

Our science department has been regularly incorporating PBL into their approach to learning. For students who are curious and motivated to learn, projects can be a great vehicle for communicating their discoveries.

In Mr. Koiter’s Grade 10 Science class, students were assigned a project as a part of a unit on light. Students were asked to incorporate their understanding of light theory with the construction of some kind of optical device.

Tyler Veld, a student in Mr. Koiter’s class chose to create an infinity mirror. The infinity mirror was one way that students could present their learning on the concepts of reflection and refraction of light. Tyler learned about the way light reflects by securing a strand of LED lights between two mirrors, one half-slivered, resulting in a reflective surface that appears to have an ‘infinite’ depth.

I searched for infinity mirrors on the internet and found a few different pictures and videos. I chose to turn my project into a table to make it interesting, and I wanted to create something that I could keep and use after the assignment was over.” TYLER

PBL continues to be a great way for students to use their gifts and deliver a product or project that they are proud of. We are excited as a school to see students build on their knowledge and demonstrate their understanding in authentic ways.