Poetry Collective

Grade 10 English students have been discovering poems and the meaning that lies behind them. We started our unit by talking about literary devices and how they are able to strengthen a poem. After becoming professionals at using literary devices to describe a theme or topic through our five senses, we took a look at other people’s poems. Uncovering the meaning behind someone else’s poem was the next task.

Each student selected a poem written about a social justice issue. Using the poet’s statements and discussing with their classmates helped the students understand more about the meaning and beauty of poetry.

To finish off our unit, students were tasked to write their own poems about an issue that affects their daily lives, or a social justice issue. COVID-19 and quarantine, racism, technology, and equality are a few of the topics that students selected. The final task in this unit was creating a blog to share with our school community.

Our blog of original poems

Jasmine Issa ’20
HDCH Leadership Student