Prospective Students

Welcome to Hamilton District Christian High

Exceptional learning is for every student.

At Hamilton District Christian High we are dedicated to providing an exceptional Christian education that cultivates the character of young people for lives of service to God.

Each student has unique gifts, abilities, and learning styles and we work to differentiate learning so that all individuals can succeed.

A Culture of Belonging
Hamilton District Christian High is a supportive learning community where every student can follow their passion. We strive to create a culture of belonging where students know they are cared for, that they are invested in, and that they can be celebrated.

“I was surprised at how quickly you get to know everyone, even in the upper grades, because the school is small enough that it’s possible to meet almost everyone.” ~ Lydia, Gr9 student

Engaged Staff
Our staff takes a vested interest in student learning, growth, and spiritual well-being. They develop a mentor relationship beginning in grade 9 and foster these connections through to grade 12 to get to know each student as a unique person with diverse interests, strengths, and gifts.

The teachers really help you individually and help you to really focus and make sure that you learn and not memorize.” ~ L.D. Gr9 student

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Student Support
Student Services offers support with academics and personal development. Support includes wellness, academic skills, leadership workshops, and peer success coaching.

Student Success
We understand that ultimately God transforms the lives of our students at HDCH, and it is with this in mind that we trust in our mission to be clear and to be the directive of our school.

From preparing for the first year to planning graduation, we care about our students’ success. Vibrant, diverse student life provides the opportunity to learn new things, celebrate talents and discover a purpose and a place of calling in God’s Kingdom.

Project-Based Learning

Recognizing that your student perceives, interprets, and understands differently than another student we, at Hamilton District Christian High, are leaders in teaching from the principles and concepts of Project Based Learning (PBL). 

PBL is student-centered and allows for play, experimenting, using simulations, and addressing authentic issues. Students work with peers as they uncover the curriculum in pursuit of knowledge. Explore real-world problems and challenges to gain a deeper understanding of God’s world.

With the integration of projects, community partners and access to resources and tools, students get a hands-on opportunity to explore new technologies, learn skills and work collaboratively to transform innovative and creative ideas into tangible prototypes and beautiful work.

At Hamilton District Christian High we encourage lifelong learning in a place of belonging that nurtures resilience and competence, inspires reflection and creativity, and focuses on compassion.

Extra-curricular Activities

Extra-curricular activities are an important part of an exceptional Christian education. It’s easy to get involved!

“So far, I joined grade 9 girls soccer, band, choir, Deeper, WATCH, yearbook and girls Bible study.” ~ Ashley, Gr9 student


Hamilton District Christian High offers many varsity and intramural opportunities to suit your talents.

Our beautiful 20-acre outdoor campus is home to  four beach volleyball courts, a disc golf course and soccer fields.

Athletes participate in the Hamilton Wentworth Interscholastic Athletic Conference (HWIAC), compete in SOSSA Zone 1, and are eligible for competition at OFSAA.