Prospective Students

Welcome to Hamilton District Christian High

At Hamilton District Christian High we are dedicated to providing an exceptional Christian education that cultivates the character of young people for lives of service to God. This is accomplished by being Christ‐centered, united in learning mission, relevant to young people, and healthy in the way that we interact with each other.

We know you want a school that can help your child realize their fullest potential. You want a school that will grow their capacity for critical and creative thinking while developing their understating as an image bearer of God. You want your child to have access to dedicated teachers who care about them. You want your child to have options and to have the freedom to pursue a post-secondary plan that is best suited for them.

Recognizing that your student perceives, interprets, and understands differently than another student we, at Hamilton District Christian High, are leaders in teaching from the principles and concepts of Project Based Learning (PBL). At HDCH we believe that PBL is capable of meeting the learning needs and goals of each individual student and we are constantly guiding our students to new and improved levels of experience, experimentation and expectation and PBL is the catalyst for this.

At Hamilton District Christian High we encourage lifelong learning in a place of belonging that nurtures resilience and competence, inspires reflection and creativity, and focuses on compassion.

Extra-curricular Activities
There are many different groups and clubs for you to join at HDCH, including drama, band, student council, praise team, outdoor adventure, improv, choir, camera club, praise team, art club, WATCH, outdoors club and much more!

Hamilton District Christian High offers many athletic opportunities to suit your talents, including intramurals and school teams, soccer, track, swimming, cross country, badminton, snowboarding, skiing, volleyball, golf, basketball, lacrosse, and hockey.