How to Apply

Apply in just 4 easy steps!

Step 1~ Get to Know Us

We are still accepting applications for September 8, 2020, in all grades. 
Please click the black Inquire button tocomplete the Inquiry form, and we will be in touch quickly!

Step 2 ~ Are you Ready to Apply?

Wonderful new!

Clicking the blue Apply button below directs you to the secure School Admin site where you will be prompted to set up an account. Please complete the online application and, for students entering grade 9, you can also complete their course selection. If your student has special learning needs, please make a note of that, and Student Services will contact you to learn more.

Both Canadian and International  students  may use the online application form.

Step 3 ~ $500 Deposit and Tuition Form

For applications completed prior to July 1, please submit your $500 deposit. The deposit goes towards your first-year tuition. You can make a deposit either by:

  • Cheque: Mail in a $500 cheque.
    • Payable to HDCH  | Note ‘Tuition Deposit” in the memo
    • Mail to: 92 Glancaster Road, Ancaster ON L9G 3K9
  • e-Transfer : Send an electronic transfer.
    • Transfer to | Note ‘Tuition Deposit” 

For applications completed after July 1, click below for information on tuition fees, and to complete the Tuition payment form:

Step 4 ~ Activate your Membership

Membership Applications are found on School Admin. Being an active member allows you to vote on critical matters relating to the operation, tuition fees and budgets. To read and sign the statement, log into your SchoolAdmin account and look for Membership under the Checklist items.


Completing the Inquiry form is your best first step to learning more about enrolling at HDCH.