For Grade 8s


Making the transition from grade 8 to grade 9
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Grade 9’s Advice

We asked the Grade 9s about what advice they would give to someone thinking of coming to Hamilton District Christian High next year. This is what they said:

“I think I would say when you come, you definitely need to try out for every team and other extra curricular activities.”

“Don’t worry about high school being tough or not fitting in – all the teacher’s I’ve had so far are super understanding and flexible to your individual needs, and there’s so many new, nice people that it’s practically impossible not to make friends!”

“Say hi to people you’ve never met.”

“Do it, you get to be with people who are in the same beliefs as you, and that means you get to talk about your faith, but you still get to have fun with your friends and classmates, the academics are great, the athletics are great and the people are the best part of it all!”

“Join as many sports teams or clubs as you can because they help you in making friends and just make your high school experience more fun.”

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