Choosing Courses

HDCH Course Selection

It is critical that parents and guardians are involved in the process of course selection, helping students keep in mind their goals for the future, graduation requirements, and their particular gifts and passions. In order to encourage this, we provide online course selection via MyBluePrint. More information on this is available on our Student Services Edsby group.

For students entering grade nine, course selection is completed by a form that is emailed to you. If you have not received this form after you become enrolled, please contact

Planning Guide

Figuring out which classes you should take doesn’t have to be complicated. These course selection tips should be a great launching point for figuring out your own personal plan.

Consider your long-term goals
Think about your gifts and talents, and consider what vocational pathways might be a good “fit” with who you are created to be. Discuss the long-term vision with parents, friends, and teachers.

Review potential secondary and post-secondary pathways toward your long-term goals

Review graduation requirements
Your plan must include all the courses required for completion of both the Hamilton District Christian High and Ontario Secondary School Diplomas. A list of required courses is provided on pages in the HDCH Course Calendar.

Review your history and be sure you have all the pre-requisites for your preferred courses
You can check out specific course pre-requisites in the Course Calendar and you can review your academic history via

Complete a four-year plan
Once you’ve included all required and pre-requisite courses for graduation and for any post-secondary programs, and you’ve considered co-op opportunities and courses of interest, and you’ve considered balance and workload, create a draft four-year plan. Then, step your way through course selection at

Now that you have chosen your courses, you are ready to log in to and select them!