Course Selection Tips

Course selection tips

Planning Guide

Figuring out which classes you should take doesn’t have to be complicated. These course selection tips should be a great launching point for figuring out your own personal plan.

Consider your long-term goals
Think about your gifts and talents, and consider what vocational pathways might be a good “fit” with who you are created to be. Discuss the long-term vision with parents, friends, and teachers.

Review potential secondary and post-secondary pathways toward your long-term goals

Review graduation requirements
Your plan must include all the courses required for completion of both the Hamilton District Christian High and Ontario Secondary School Diplomas. A list of required courses is provided on pages in the HDCH Course Calendar.

Review your history and be sure you have all the pre-requisites for your preferred courses
You can check out specific course pre-requisites in the Course Calendar and you can review your academic history via

Complete a four-year plan
Then step your way through course selection at